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Another Goal Down : Prototype Fractal Capacitor

Published on January 3, 2013, by in PC Games.




There it is! I just landed myself the tier 1 ascended back piece. To do this i needed to gather 1850 fractal relics, bit by bit, via a progression through the levels of the new Guild Wars 2 dungeon : Fractal of the Mists.

At this point in time I am on level 29 of Fractal of the Mists – holding +25 agony resist. My next step is to upgrade this piece to the T2 back piece which will upgrade the look of the skin as well as add an additional +5 agony resistance. It took me about 2 weeks of focused dungeon running to save up the materials I needed for this item – I had to spend some fractal relics along the way to boost my agony resistance to progress into more and more difficult content. I have been having a blast playing these dungeons and can not wait to see them get built further out with more instances. If you like running 5 man instanced dungeons – this is the place for you. The volume of 5 man content provided in gw2 is huge, and it has come to be my main focus when playing.

It helps tremendously to have a

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guild of dungeon runners in your portfolio of guilds. I found myself a great small dungeon running guild that uses ventrillo and have been spending quite a lot of time doing instanced content with them – good guilds are very few and far between in this game – it may take time to find a group that ‘clicks’ with you.


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