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GW2 Plinx Event Location & Information – A Karma Machine

Published on October 18, 2012, by in PC Games.

The Plinx event chain starts north of The R&D waypoint in the cursed shore (Orr)

GW2 Plinx Event Chain

     UPDATE NOV 15 2012 : The latest patch has nerfed the timer on the plinx chain. Plinx now respawns only once every half our or so

Last week while exploring my way through the cursed shore, I could not but help notice frequent chatter about ‘Plinx’ in the map chat. It seemed to be a popular event so I decided to get involved and asked where I should go to get in. A helpful player suggested I go to the R&D waypoint and head north.

I found the event chain and quickly realised why it is such a popular chain to run. It is a karma generating beast. I took the time to evaluate the events returns – lets have a look shall we?

Guild Wars 2 Plinx Location

Plinx starts in the North West and Works its way East

Breaking down the Plinx Event Chain

It does not take long:  I timed myself from the moment the last event ended and ran the entire event again to completion.

It took 23 minutes for the event to run and start over again.. About 5 of those minutes are waiting for the event to start again.

Keep your damage up and you can get gold contribution achievements, there are 5 official events in the chain, but there are 2 nearby audible events that come up a few times within the hour.

Gold events give 17,780xp  378 Karma and 1.86 silver

This means  every run of  Plinx event chain gives: 88,900xp 1890 karma and  9.3 silver

60 minutes in an hour / 23 minutes in the chain = 2.6 chains per hour


Rewards per hour:   231,140xp  4914 Karma 24.18 silver per hour on the very low end

(does not count other events in the area that come up – Add 5-8 more events per hour – could be around 3024 additional karma.)

Total Karma gain : 4914 – 10,000 per hour

*Does not include any Karma boosters – add as needed – some are reporting as much as 26,000 karma an hour with boosts.

A wild zombie fight appears!

Event Stages:

GW2 Plinx Event Chain Stages

Plinx Event Chain Stages

GW2 Plinx Event 1

Part 1

GW2 Plinx Event 2

Part 2

GW2 Plinx Event 3

Part 3

GW2 Plinx Event 4

Part 4

Part 5

Nearby Audible Events: 

Champion Broodmother


Charr SMASH broodmother!


The broodmother spawns right in line with the path that plinx walks, very convenient. Also it should be noted the broodmother can be pulled pretty far, all the way back to town if needed. Groups do this so they can contribute to 2 events at once.


Champion Gladiators


The gladiators are a 2 part event that also spawns right along the Plinx event chain path.


Part 1

Part 2


Tar Elementals


This event will come up less often the the broodmother or the gladiators, keep an eye out for it.


Someone has got to do something about the tar problem in this place… and that someone is me.



Thoughts about the Plinx event:

I can’t say that running this event over and over is the most fun I have had in Guild Wars 2. This is assuredly the most ‘grindy’ activity I have done so far while playing the game. Its not usually the kind of thing I look to do. In fact, my favorite activities are running dungeons and sPvP – both require much, much higher levels of skill and concentration. So what could the Plinx event have to offer for someone like me? Well, there are plenty of times between other activities that I now will fill will regularizing this event.

The Plinx event chain has essentially become my go-to activity for down time, off-times, in-between times, you know the ones I am talking about. The event has kept my karma in good supply and also thrown a few rare items my way. Its worth investigating if you have some spare time.

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  1. NugHuffer

    this activity is great for when you are solo online w/out guild members. i also have received many yellow drops from trash mobs on this run. some i have sold for a good ammt. of coin on the trading post.

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